Job placement 2012 (referring to the 6th edition 2011-2012) has reached the more than 90% of students, based on data collected within 6 months after the end of the program.

Such successful results were achieved thanks to one of the main features of the New Europe Master in Banking and Entrepreneurship, which is to provide students with the practical tools necessary to immediately join the business world using the knowledge and skills acquired during the program. In particular, Master[BE] creates young, skilled, new operators in the banking and entrepreneurial sectors. During 7 months of class activity, students study, from both the theoretical and practical points of view, the most relevant aspects of both banking and entrepreneurism. Finally, students are immersed in a 3-month internship period where they are involved in concrete working projects in one of UniCredit Groupís companies.

The graph shows Master[BE] graduates in their sectors of employment