To spend one year in Italy and not discover the cultural aspects is a missed chance. MasterBe offers this possibility thanks to three different programs:
  • Cultural trips sponsored by MasterBe
    The aim of cultural trips is to visit what is considered to be a must-see, but with a different prospective from the classical tourist’s visit. Students will be sponsored and will benefit of guided tours.
    1. Tibet exhibition and Treviso
      Fondazione Cassamarca and Unicredit Group have always showed their commitment in promoting high –standard events. Thanks to their support, a different topic exhibition is organized every year at C? dei Carraresi by Dott. Adriano M?daro, a renowned expert in Oriental culture. In 2012/2013 the focus was given to Tibetan culture: “Tibet. Treaures from the rooftop of the world”. For the first time ever, many precious objects left the Tibetan borders to be hosted here. Planned for the next year: the Indian culture. A visit around Treviso city center is also part of the trip.
    2. Venice
      A city considered to be a museum “en plain air”, where beauty and charme are everywhere. The attention is mainly on unusual places discovered by guided tours in:
      • Palazzo Ducale. The ancient house of the head of the Venetian Republic, the Doge, and the Great Council.
      • The Arsenal. Nowadays a military area, requiring a special permit to visit. In the past it was the yard of the Venetian’s army ships and the Doge’s golden private boat, the Bucintoro.
      • The “Squero”. This is very small yard, usually family owned, where the gondolas are built. Artisans are generally pleased to share their special skills and traditions with visitors. Until the collapse of the Republic there were thousands, now just two of them still exists.
    3. Venice carnival
      A joyful feast that lasts from January 26th to February 13th. According to tradition, people are dressed up with masks and typical costumes and many events and parties are organized all around downtown. Fondazione Cassamarca sponsors the travel to join this event. <
    4. Palladio’s Villas
      Andrea Palladio (1508 -1580), the architect of the wealthy Venetian society, was the one who revolutionized the concept of countryside villa. In Italy, only the Veneto Region can boast this unique UNESCO heritage sites. An all-day-long visit of Villa Barbaro in Maser and of Villa Emo in Fanzolo, along with the discovery of vineyards products, is scheduled during the spring time.

  • Cultural trips organized by MasterBe
    According with the interests of students, during weekends, will be organized trips around Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. For each of them will always be provided the trip’s budget and a descriptive document of the must-see places. The tutor on charge will organize every aspect and will be the official guide of the group.
    1. Padua
      This city is worldwide known for its beauty and exceptional historical-artistic treasures: the Cappella Scrovegni painted by Giotto, the first and unique anatomical theatre in the second most ancient university of the world where Galieo Galiei for many years teached, Saint Anthony’s Basilica enriched by Donatello sculptures, Prato della Valle the biggest square in Europe, and a lot more.
    2. Vicenza
      Also known as “the city of Palladio”, due to the fact that many prestigious buildings were built by this architect, in 1994 was appointed as UNESCO world heritage site. A small but intense city where every view is elegant and rich of history.
    3. Maranello
      Italian culture and excellence is not only about art but also about design, high level products and the merge between traditions and innovation: Ferrari cars in Maranello represent the perfect example. The museum with all range cars, the bus tour within the factory, and a fast ride are the best ways to appreciate and feel all of it.
    4. Friuli Venezia Giulia Castles
      If the Veneto Region is marked by the Palladian Villas, the Friuli region is dotted by many medieval castles symbols of a tortured past. Many of them, still well preserved, are visitable and embedded in a rural environment still well preserved.

  • General activities suggested by MasterBe
    Every month a detailed program will be presented to students, with a brief description and budget, of all the main cultural, sports, parties and leisure events that will take place in Treviso, Conegliano and the nearby cities. So everyone will have the possibility to join them depending on personal interests and free time.