In these last year’s MasterBe program has decided to enrich the didactic, offering students the opportunity to face the medium-size enterprise’s reality in Veneto region. A great chance to discover a specific environment directly by the top manager’s testimonies. The focus is given not only to the aspects studied in class but also to the features that have led these enterprises to be among the most competitive in Italy and all around the world.

Company visited:

  • Vicenza Oro

    The biggest jewelry’s fair in Italy, able to attract the main sector’s experts and thousands of common visitors. From 1952 the Italian designers of gold and high jewelry creations are presented in Vicenza Fiera, in five different events, and also worldwide in Las Vegas, San Paolo, Mumbai and Dubai. A unique chance to export the Italian savoir- faire and to set, by an international knowledge transfer, the future trends in this sector.

  • Artisans and designers

    A perfect example where tradition and innovation are the winning merge. Also Vicenza’s territory is dotted by numerous small size enterprise where old crafts are the core of their added value. The new market trends and the always more overcoming globalization risked to erase this great potential, but thanks to craftsmen/young designer’s cooperation, based on the knowledge transfer, and a solid network between enterprises, nowadays they are very competitive and innovative.

  • Irinox

    Irinox is the leader in blast chillers and shock freezers production in the world. Their success is made by a continuous investment in research and high level technology in a market where to be among the best implies to create new up to date technology products in a very short span of time. A commitment that led them also to revolutionize the deepen rooted concept in Italian culture of “freshness”.

  • Tegola Canadese

    Tegola Canadese, founded in 1993 by Luciano Mazzer who still nowadays is the head of the corporate, produces different material types of roof tiles covering, just in Italy, a slice of 47% of the market. It operates in more than 70 countries in all over the world and the expectations are to expand the productions and cover a even more consistent part of its market.

  • Progest

    Progest, founded in 1973 by Zago’s family, is the paper, cardboard and packaging leader producer in the Italian market with eighteen companies operating in seven regions. A green commitment for the environment in every step of the production that has created a turn over with more than 1.000.000 tons per year of recycled paper.

  • Geox

    Geox, the shoes world wide known as the ”breathing shoes” thanks to the the genial idea of the corporte’s founder, and still owner, of creating perforated soles. An enterprise based on a starting creative idea and the search for always modern design and matherials.

  • Villa Sandi

    In a beautiful palladian style villa the Moretti Polegato family, still after generations, produces many different types of wine from their vast estate. To lead people to the knowledge of this ancient tradition they organize a complete tour visiting the palace and tasting their products thanks to the help of sommeliers will be able to explain not only the tequinques used but also to transmit the passion that comes from.

  • Permasteelisa

    With over 50 companies in almost 30 countries, Permasteelisa from 1973 until now creates modern design for interior and exterior structures. Constant innovation, design, green commitment, quality and know-how are the features that have permitted this enterprise to make a turnover of 1.4 billion€ per year.

  • De Longhi

    De Longhi is world leader in comfort and selected house care products. Its set of goods aims to be both elegant, with a detailed search of shapes and colors, and of a long lasting quality. Studying the culture’s diversities they are interacting with, made possible the creation of products shaped depending on the specific needs and tastes.

  • Stefanel

    Stefanel is a brand founded in 1982, in a small town close to Treviso, that in few years has become international offering a vast range of clothes and accessories. The Italian refined taste and the choice of big variety of fabrics wisely merged with fashion trends are the keys successful factors.