Ex Convento di San Francesco in Conegliano, a fragment of history.

The monastery was founded around 1200 in the outskirts of the walled town. The building of todayís complex started at the end of the 14Th Century following Pope Gregory XIís authorization for the friars to move into a new monastery within the walls of the city. The Venetian Republic demolished the old monastery in 1407 for not serving as a shelter to the Hungarian invaders. In the first half of the 18Th Century the complex of buildings reached its peak of expansion, but in 1806 development was stopped by a Napoleonic decree. The friars were transferred to Padua and the big church was used as a hospital before being demolished in 1812. The remaining buildings received a military and civil commission and together became a landmark recognized as the most representative and important monument of the city. After being renovated by Fondazione Cassamarca, the complex re-opened in October 2002 and is now hosting courses organized by Teatri e Umanesimo Latino S.p.A.

Accommodations are arranged on the first and second floors. Each student is assigned a room with a double bed and bathroom. In each room there is air conditioning, a TV set with 13-14 channels (covering Italian, English, American, German, French, Spanish, and Croatian stations) and a telephone for internal/room-to-room calls. Rooms are not provided with washing machines and there is no washing machine in the Monastery. Students will therefore need to use the laundry nearby (Pulitura Emanuela or Centro Lavasecco Agos).

Please, review the Internal Rules Document to understand the Monasteryís regulations. Thank you.

Your address in Conegliano is:
New Europe Master in Banking and Entrepreneurship
c/o Ex Convento di San Francesco
via E. de Amicis, 4
31015 - Conegliano (TV) - ITALY
Tel.: +39/0422/1848904
Fax.: +39/0422/1848914
Your room telephone number is composed by +39/0422/1848 and the number of your room.

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